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Fighting off Armageddon since January 2003!

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Name:Lower Tadfield
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"Oh, come on. Be sensible,"said Aziraphale, doubtfully.
"That's not good advice," said Crowley. "That's not good advice at all. If you sit down and think about it
sensibly, you come up with some very funny ideas."
--The Book Itself

A community for Good Omens fans. Fanfic, fan art, slash, not-slash, rambling discussions about the characters/plot/movie, movie hype - whatever you've got, bring it on! We like making light of the Apocalypse!
(Our only in-house rule: Be Excellent To Each Other.)

"Enjoy your stay, and keep your arms and legs inside the flaming Bentley at all times."
--[ profile] vongroovy

NB: For the time being, this comm is simply a mirror of the LJ version, as a backup and in case of The End Times LJ's complete and utter implosion/lack of usefulness to our purposes. For now, all discussion is going on over there, and will be imported periodically to keep DW-side readers in the loop.
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